Armoured Animals

There are 56 "Armored Animal" cards. Whoever wins the round can choose between Life, Strength and Dexterity. Whoever runs out of cards has lost the game.

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Everyone starts with 7 cards.
The cards must not be viewed. The first round starts with red (Life). Several people can play.
The highest score wins (max 9). It is possible to come up with more cards, if the next one brings a higher score. The winner calls and activates the next ability (red, green or blue: life, strength or dexterity).
You have to collect the winning cards under the pack in your hand. After each turn, you need to draw a new card (as long as the pack lasts) and place it at the bottom of the pack in your hand. You can expect surprises during the game! If e.g. the skill dexterity (blue) will be selected, everyone discards their top card and the one with the higher number in the skill level wins. The surprise comes when e.g. a dragonfly can beat a crocodile (in the skill dexterity).


In the gaming context "Life," is a measure of a character's overall health and endurance. Characters with high life are able to withstand more damage before being defeated in combat.

"Strength" is a measure of a character's physical power and might. Characters with high strength are often able to deal more damage in combat, and may also be able to lift and carry heavier objects. But in this game, we gave the animal/bird/bug values ​​that fit into the world of the environmental conditions they are used to.

"Dexterity" typically refers to a character's agility, manual skill, and quickness of movement. A character with high dexterity might excel at tasks that require fast reflexes or precise hand-eye coordination, such as dodging attacks or disarming traps.

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