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It is not just a game, but it is a new way to support and distribute Christian art, by activating our talents.
The MMO game ARTCITY (version 0.9) ready for free download (PC 32-64 bit, 560MB, zipped))


The main goal of the game is that you can have the opportunity to display (free) your art in the virtual world.
Some of the artworks are already available as a poster or for commercial purposes.
The website is just started, so write to us for more info, please. 

Game promo Nr1


There is a way to get the posters in 24 hours if you have a proper print shop in your town.
Also, you can display your art here and also in the game.
Just write to us and send us some pictures to show your beauty.
We will protect every displayed image with a watermark.

Print-on-demand, giga-posters, screensavers, photos, bible related illustrations...
Download our ARTCITY MMORPG game (free), display your artwork, sell your art, buy a print for your friend, colleague, or family. Be creative. Create something or just give away a poster to the non-believers. 

We are accepting donations via Pay Pal.

Be a partner at PATREON!


We have a new game here:

New posters:

New screensaver:

Music clip: Cross in your eyes

New posters added: ANGELS

We are working on different characters concerning the Bride.
There is also a need for different skin and eye color. People are different, their imagination of biblical expressions are also different.

There is a small bug in the game. We have to lock the XYZ axis of some NPC (next update).

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#1 Monroe 2019-12-17 12:36
Love this game..

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