Life Academy is an International project, started by Las Hoffmann, Hungary/The Netherlands. International, because it is an open project, everyone can use his/her talents to participate.
Until now we have had helpers from Hungary, The Netherlands, Mexico, and the USA.
The game is not fully developed game yet. It is an idea. A playable idea. Where you can project your imagination towards realization. Game developers, game or sound designers, and Unity programmers are welcome. Also, if you are an artist, you can contribute to the community with any kind of expression, like music, 3D art, photo, video, movies, etc...

Also, we need serious sponsors to continue with.


Phone: 36+ 

Address: Life Academy (KMA), Pf. 620, 1539 Budapest, Hungary  


There are about 1 billion people playing computer or mobile phone games in the world (see wiki).
There are almost 8 billion mobile phones in the use worldwide (see wiki) and 2 billion PC-s!
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