FAITH VISUALIZER v.1.0 (application for Windows)

The Music Visualizer v.1.0 is an application to create dynamic video footage, and stunning video clips with real-time music visualization possibilities. Also suitable for live broadcasts (using an external program such as Xsplit).

Videos created with Faith Generator NR1, and/or Faith Visualizer 1.0

A great tool for making stunning video fragments or looped video for video clips or short films. Particle-based effects, Photoshop-like camera effects, and real-time music visualization like Vu Meter (audio-visual) or Strobe Flash (pumping fx). Broadcast ready for DJ-s or VJ-s using external tools, like XSplit. XSplit will recognize the app as a game, so you have endless possibilities to make a live DJ broadcasting.

Price: $19

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The application (v.1.0) working with 12 camera effects, 2 music visualization options, and 7 VFX (video effects).
12 camera effects

F1: No effects (clean)
F2: Tunnel
F3: Aura
F4: Rainbow
F5: Liquid Page
F6: Faith Aura
F7: Gray Scale
F8: SlowMo
F9: Super Color
F10: Holy Ghost Move
F11: Cloudy Day
F12: Hue Rotate

Audio Visualizers (on/off)
Knob 1: Vu Meter (audiovisual)
Knob 2: Strobe Flash (pumping fx)

7 Particle Effects (on/off)
Knob 3: Angeldust
Knob 4: Side Distortion
Knob 5: Fireflies
Knob 6: Disco Laser, Distortion, Mouse FX
Knob 7: Fireball
Knob 8: Fire
Knob 9: Dream balls

Media files (video, audio, images) added to the download file to get started.
We will expand the effect and media files portfolio in the future, so stay tuned!

Videos created with Faith Generator NR1, and Faith Visualizer 1.0

Clip (background footages and effects) made with Faith Visualizer version 1.0

Clip (background footages and effects) made with Faith Visualizer version 1.0 and Faith Generator NR1

More videos soon.

Xsplit***:  Xsplit Broadcaster will recognize the application as a game.

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